Whenever you are looking for a dog of our bloodline, please ask straight to us and not to other breeders who have maybe something form our bloodline mixed with other bloodlines. To breed nice dogs there is a specific breeding program (personal one) and it is not enough to mix beautifully with beautiful or champion with the champion. It’s a matter of knowledge and experience. You must know very well the lines you are using for good and bad! There are not many bloodlines which mixed together can give good results.It can be dangerous to mix totally different types or lines who are carrying the same faults!
A lot of people are advertising puppies for sale, writing on the adv. “Misty Meadow’s bloodline”, and there is “maybe” one dog from our breeding, 3-4 generations behind! This kind of advertisement should also open your eyes and you should think carefully!
A Chihuahua has an elegant outline, this is an important characteristic of the toy breeds!