When you are showing a dog, let the dog be the protagonist of the ring. In our dog scenery, unfortunately, people forget that the dog is the only one who should have the spot on. If we are part of this dog world is ONLY because of them, our dogs. To be humble is a great virtue and this is only for clever people. Why criticize others and why to think to have always the best dog in your hands? Why talk always and only about your own dogs? Let the others talk about your dogs, let the others say that you’re the best! Be critical with your own breeding, it means to have a brain and it gives you much more value.
Our dog world has lost the genuine and beautiful reason to be part of it! It has lost the showmanship. We must condemn these frustrated people who have nothing in their own lives and they are dirtying our beautiful sport! Please, stop them!
Have a day!