Chihuahua seminar in Ukraine

Thank you Aleona Siehan for inviting me to held the seminar!
Thank you again for the warm hospitality and for taking so good care of me today! We have dedicated myself and my family great part of our life to our loved breeds and we have had from them a lot of satisfactions! It’s nice to share our experience with people who have in common the same passion! We all have a lot to learn and we all have as our goal the good for the breed we are breeding! I wish a better cooperation in the future and I wish to find more young people like this group that wanted so much this event! This is the key to the success for breeders!

И так, мы начинаем. Спасибо всем заводчикам, кто сегодня с нами.И спасибо, Francesco Cochetti за то, что готовы делиться с нами своими знаниями

Opslået af Aleona Siehan på 23. februar 2018