When you buy a puppy it is very important to ask the breeder if it is a show prospect puppy or a pet puppy. Usually, a serious breeder is checking very well a puppy when it is 8 weeks of age. At this time the breeder will check the construction, the head, the bite, the weight, the temperament, the testicles if it is a male. If everything will be in order it will be proposed for sale as a show prospect, otherwise as a pet. There is not any guarantee that a show prospect puppy will turn out 100% as a champion, but of course, the risk will be much less than a pet puppy. I suggest you watch carefully at the pedigree of the puppy. The pedigree has a very important value. It means that when there is behind a serious breeding program you have many possibilities that the puppy will reproduce well. Better to pay a bit more than to buy for less price and to get pet after pet.
Our policy (guarantee) is that if a show prospect puppy has some big faults and can’t be shown or can’t reproduce, we will sell the second one with a pet price.
If you want a show dog and you don’t want any risk, then buy an adult. Price for an adult will be obviously much higher than a price for a puppy.
Have a nice day!