Dear friends, dear clients,

Time is flying very fast and after 35 years of breeding, we are still here!

Very proud of our results, we have bred more than 600 champions, including many World winners and European winners. We have champions in all continents and our bloodline has been the foundation of important kennels which are at the moment on the top!

Our goal has always been to breed sound dogs who have great constructions and movement, plenty of scopes!

We have bred our Chihuahuas following the breed standard and trying to be away from the common problems of our breed.

Nowadays, unfortunately, some new breeders are trying to breed dogs which are not respecting the standard. Dogs who are not typical, who presents bully-type heads and which are so far from a Chihuahua! It seems also very difficult to control this problem and to find people who understand this! Why ruin our breed?

We have decided to be more strict to select our puppy buyers. We have spent our life to breed Chihuahuas and we have done a lot of sacrifices, traveling around the world and investing a lot of money! We can’t stand to see what is happening nowadays.

We want also to keep the number a bit down, so if there is someone who has the same feeling of us and who want to breed seriously with good bases from a healthy line, we could consider also to sell some young dogs.

Here some of our winners, from the past and from the present!

Breeding is an art and it is not for all! We, as breeders, are all responsible for our breed! Don’t kill the Chihuahua, please!