The Chihuahua is like many other breeds: it must move with reach and drive (I hope you are able to see it) and it must be sound! The head is an important characteristic of the breed standard and you should not see any sign of molossoid breeds in it (too short muzzle, too square muzzle, heavy lips). It has been a breed in fashion for so many years and many people have been interested in it, as it was an easy source of income! People please, open your eyes, and try to check carefully what are you going to buy! Nowadays it’s easy to check on the net what is going on. Watch at the pedigrees and check carefully the work that serious breeders have done during the past years! Please, check if the breeders, where are you going to buy the puppy, have bred champions and they attend regularly the shows! Please, try to ask for someone you trust and have a good experience in dogs!
Don’t let others cheating you, don’t let others ruining the breed! Many of us have worked hard to preserve the breed standard, doing a lot of sacrifices for so many years!